MY Prince Charming

have u been thinkin bout prince charming?

my prince charming is a dutch, he’s 30 years old now. i met him 3 and a half years ago. he’s the one who really treat me like am the one lady in the world. he treat me very well. he tell me a story when am hard to sleep, he also sing a song about 10 little funny shark. and once in the morning he bring me a set of breakfast in my bed. he’s fully of surprised.

he had a deep-warm-bright eyes. sometime we spent hours without speaking, there’s less of words. but when i took a look into his eyes i found a peace. we spent lot of time by hiking, walking on the cave, go to the beach…and once ( its weird) go to the King’s Cemetary at Imogiri in the middle of the night.

in the time of nowhere, saturday 10.00 am he’s going back to holland. i just standing there at the station without hearing the train leaving. am freezing.

now, after 3 years or more…he came back to jogja without seeing me. he came with his lover. i’ve just know from his best friend, he become a gay now !

My Prince Charming is A Gay !!

oughh…Kill Me please…

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