Life-Luv or Money

why life is’nt as simply as i seen on tv?

why life is harder than i thought when i was a babygirl?

why life is’nt simply as its hard gettin to understood….

when i said ” life ” i must be lie if it doesnt reference to ” money ”

people said that life is bigger than money

the fact, money is the things that makes life bigger than it self

how can we help some poor or gettin a perfect gown without money?

how can we get a small cozy house without money? why money is’nt get simply?

why its hard to get money?

if i were you i wont choose luv than money it self

for sure you can luv someone who luvin you and cost you with the money

but you cant life by eatin luv when you were hungry or stayin in a kinda luv somehouse when you were cold

F*ckin luv without the money F*ckin life and da luv everythin about money is so F*ckin Sh*t

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